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Kleykamp, Ray

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Ray KleykampArtist Statement
Paintings should catch people; intrigue them.  Garner second and third looks.  Stir something like a crush inside, where they want to know more about it.  Yet remain an enigma as to how it evolved.
My paintings are part tapestry and part collage.  I'd always been a fan of collage and I started using fabric in paintings to play with the texture and pattern.  At some point I realized I could make it three dimensional; dramatizing the wrinkles and folds with light and shadow.  I realized I could do things with paintings that I couldn't do as an architect with a building facade.

In this process, the painting always starts as experiment.  I never know how elements will react with each other.  I just start draping and wrapping - waiting for something to happen.  As it develops, I start noticing relationships - pieces embracing, reclining, strained or bloated.  Some recede, left behind and forgotten, while others demand to be noticed.  Each piece has its own language and a muted story to tell.
And in the end, the finished piece hints of something like an emotion or fragrance; which gives it a "presence".  A presence trying to say something in its own way.  And I think it's that presence that people want to own.

Ray Kleykamp is an artist that lives in Huntington, WV.  He was born in Bowling Green, KY in 1972.  As a child he made houses out of blankets, overturned furniture and anything else he could transform.  In 1996 he graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Architecture.  It was there that he got his introduction to the art world.  His fascination with painting and sculpture grew along side a study of building form.  Architects Mark Clary, Tony Roccanova and Mike Cranfill were his biggest influences while he also followed artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Lebbeus Woods and Jackson Pollock.  Since then he sold pieces to private collectors in the region letting his work evolve over time.  And by 2013 his painting reached a point that formed a recognizable body of work, fusing his varied interests together, while giving him the freedom to experiment.

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