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Mottesheard, Nancy-Louise

  • Spiritual Light over the New River
  • Joyful Landscape in Red and Red Purple
  • Big Big Heart #2

nancy_louise.jpg“I would be an artist”, is what my kindergarten teachers told my mother.  By elementary school, I was taking private art lessons and winning many art awards in Charleston, West Virginia.  In the 7th grade I won my first national art award.  During this time, my mother and I specialized in winning awards in flower arranging competitions. She later got her BA in art. I received my BA in art, attending Drew University, Ohio University  and the University of Charleston.  As a freshman, I experienced the art scene in New York City.  Graduate studies, a plethora of post graduate workshops and a few great teachers further stoked my passion for art.

My web site is http://www.artismystic.com
My art email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Major influences in my work are abstract expressionism, color, and a deep desire to translate my mystical experiences onto canvas for everyone to experience.  Three of my teachers were students of Hans Hoffmann and nationally know artists in their own right.  I was set on fire with the passion for color and space. My mind and heart has always been drawn to the abstract, mystical and philosophical side of things.
The Subject matter is most often nature. I communicate the ethereal aspect of nature in an abstract or semi-abstract way. Sometimes the exterior shapes are realistic while the color shifts to strange or other worldly/abstract. Often rocks appear as abstract strange beings within themselves, acting as objects or worlds that one can go within. Nothing is as it seems on the surface in my works.  If one stays long enough, another world opens up. In my “Spiritual Essence Portraits”, if the subject matter is a person, the form is still abstract with the focus on the spirit within that subject being portrayed on the canvas.

My Method of work is brush or pouring and throwing of thinned acrylic paint often with a lot of gloss medium. Layers upon layers of color are poured in any one area.  It is not unusual to see 8 to 12 layers of color in any one spot. This produces gorgeous, translucent, sensuous areas. This process takes long hours for just one application to dry, therefore, several pieces are in process at one time. While working, I must have the object in front of me or a piece of the nature site i.e. a piece of wood or a small rock. I keep this in my hand to help me focus on the “vibrations” of the site and the focus of the work.  I begin each piece with a meditation. If the piece is about a spiritual, metaphysical experience or a “Spiritual Essence Portrait”, a channeled phrase is written subtlety in pencil at the bottom of the work or on the back. This is a guide to help me focus and to enlighten the viewer.

The finest archival paints, papers, canvas and linen are used. Acrylic paint is the main medium but mixed media such as colored pencil, pastel, charcoal, and oil crayons are also used.

My Art career has taken many forms in addition to being an award winning, exhibiting artist. I have been an art educator, teaching on the college level, elementary school and in art museums.  Art lecturing has taken me to several Universities in the USA and to Bali, Indonesia in an international learning NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) community. I was the subject of a audio-visual presentation by the state of WV and was the artist in a multi media orchestral art presentation.  As an art administrator I have been a co-originator, owner and operator of  WV’s first known art co-op and a co-manager of another art gallery and framing business. Art judging is another of my interests and accomplishments.  Some of the situations where I have served as a juror include the National League of American Pen Woman, West Virginia’s art competition at the WV State Art Museum in Charleston, WV; Kanawha County Secondary and Elementary Schools art competition at Sunrise Museum, Charleston Art Gallery in Charleston, WV; West Virginia multi-county art competition for elementary and secondary schools; Putnam County Youth Art Competition; West Virginia State Woman’s Commission logo competition, Charleston, WV; and art college scholarships for West Virginia High School senior art majors.
My art work has been in a myriad of juried and invitational shows through out my career. Some of the jurors who have selected my art in competition are: Director of the Renwick Gallery of the National museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution-Michael Monro; Associate Curator of the Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution-Phyllis Rosenzweig; Managing Editor of Artforum Magazine, New York, NY-Charles Miler; Carnegie Mellon University-Douglas Pickering; Art critic, New York, NY-Corinne Robins. My art is found in many private, business, university and state collections throughout the country. 


My work is filled with the art elements of color and space, splashed with spontaneity and filled to the brim with a sense of other worldliness.  I create art to uplift and heal our spirit.  Deep is my desire to communicate the mystical and spiritual
experiences that permeate my life.
Abstract shapes, colors and techniques (including pouring, throwing and splattering of paint) are used to communicate these spontaneous happenings.  Light or the sun is used as a symbol for Higher Power, Spirit or energy of the universes. The Subject matter is usually found in nature. My aim is to uplift the viewer and to allow them to experience these “At Oneness” moments with the spiritual dimension. It is as if the world that we see with our eyes disappears and
we experience a fantasy land.

I invite you to stop,
Breathe deeply
and allow yourself to experience with me.

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