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    Our mission is to encourage, nurture and present the work of West Virginia artists to the community.
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King, Sandra

  • Twilight-on-the-Pond
  • Hidden Away
  • Winter Pines

sandra_king.jpgContact Info:
P.O. Box 132
Wallback, WV 25285
(304) 587-2110
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President of Allied Artists of West Virginia

Sandra is a landscape artist working mainly in pastel.  She lives on a fifty-acre farm in Clay County, WV, with her husband, Wayne and is the mother of three children.  She holds a Masters Degree in Art from Marshall University, and 45 additional postgraduate hours at West Virginia University and West Virginia Center of Graduate Studies.  Sandra currently teaches art lessons in her studio in Clay County.

Her paintings are done on location at her farm, or from photographs and sketchbook drawings done on her many travels throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi and California. They illustrate the landscape forms that have always inspired her.  Her art addresses the longing we all experience to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and return to the quiet solitude of nature.  Sandra’s landscape paintings are done in a series from direct observations, sketches and photographs of the landscape and figures found across the country. She attempts to showcase the ever changing colors of the seasons, and hopes to recreate an environment that reflects the quiet, relaxing feelings associated with being in tune with nature.  In her paintings she hopes to invoke the nostalgia for the simpler life.
She is considered a Modern Realist who produces paintings that are true to the natural landscape in form with intense vibrant color that is often exaggerated, enhanced, and orchestrated with deep feeling. Her paintings are the result of her own personal vision and style.

Her art has been exhibited across the country from Florida to California, as well as many local exhibitions in West Virginia.  Her work is marketed by: Art Emporium, Charleston WV; Tamarack, Beckley WV; Addison Center, Webster Springs WV; Valley Fork Studios, Wallback WV;  Nasra Sakrin, Potomac, MD; Topanga Canyon Gallery and King Creations, Los Angeles, CA  


A note to members who may be asking... "Why is my name not listed?"

All of the Allied Artists of West Virginia members are listed on the About Us page under the "Members List" tab. The names that are listed in this Members Directory section are linked to a personal page. To get your own personal page, just send your bio and a picture of yourself to Linda Stonestreet at lps823@att.net. If you can't send it via email, just put it on a CD and mail it. The bio should be in Microsoft Word (or just send it as an email) and the photo should be a jpg file. 

If anything computer is beyond you, you can send actual photos (if you want them back, send a SASE) which will be scanned. This takes a little longer so it might be awhile before it gets published on the website. If you mail in a bio, please keep it short and simple as it will have to be re-typed. Any questions, you can call Linda Stonestreet at 304-757-3326.

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Our Mission

Allied Artists of West Virginia, Inc. is a non-profit, educational, and cultural association whose mission is to encourage, nurture and present the work of West Virginia artists to the community. Since 1930, AAWV has encouraged artists to show their work, fostered the development of new works, and furthered artistic interests in the community. AAWV holds all meetings and functions in facilities that are fully ADA compliant.

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