I grew up in West Virginia in a small town on the Ohio River. One of the most influential events of my life occurred in 1983 when I won a Congress-Bundestag scholarship to spend my junior year of high school in Berlin, Germany. It was there that I began to develop an appreciation for modern art. Later I received a B.A. in German from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, and then taught and earned an M.A. in German from West Virginia University. In between the two degrees there were four years of living, studying, and working in Freiburg, Germany, and travelling throughout Europe as much as I could. Although I am a self-taught painter, I consider these four years to be an important part of my arts education and integral to the style of my work. I now live surrounded by woods in rural West Virginia near Elkview.

Artistic Statement

An art teacher once told me to "paint what you know." I still try to follow this advice by choosing subject matter from the natural world around me. Even if one of my paintings seems wholly abstract at first, upon closer inspection, one can usually identify the shape of a flower, leaf, branch, or bud somewhere in it. Color and texture are also important elements of my work. I often add layer after layer of acrylic paint, sometimes waiting between coats, sometimes working while it is still wet. I strive to achieve a rough, not overworked, appearance that still conveys the idea I'm trying to express. I will leave only "suggestions" of a component if I like the form of the uncompleted line or color field because its contribution to the overall design is more important to me than fidelity to the represented object. In fact, if I've succeeded, the painting in its entirety could be viewed almost as a mosaic in addition to whatever the subject might be.


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To view more of my paintings, please visit my website and feel free to contact me using the contact form there. I welcome questions and comments. Because I get so much junk mail, it would be helpful if you would type the name of a painting in the subject line. Thanks for your interest and support!