It has been over twenty years ago that I moved to West Virginia and found woodlands, barns and cabins that renewed my energy and commitment to artistic expression. During this time I retired, and now devote much of my time to carving.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. As far back as I can remember, it has always been my nature to create artistic objects. After being identified as gifted in art in elementary school, I took classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art. More formal training continued with art history, drawing and pottery classes. Before I determined that I wanted to be a teacher, I took courses in architectural drafting. After graduating from college with a BS in Education with dual certification, I taught for two years before moving on to several other successful careers. During that time my artistic path took many twists and turns, but I always continued working to find my niche in the art world.

Artistic Statement

My inspiration came after a visit to my uncle's wood carving workshop. There I discovered a desire to create relief carvings using traditional methods verses power tools. I have found a comfort zone that combines some of my favorite things: the colors of an autumn landscape, the physical involvement that carving requires, the creativity of developing textures to artistically interpret a scene, and working with wood. It all comes together in working to capture majestic trees, gentle rolling streams, and old historical structures.

Art can be expressed in many ways. It's all in the method the artist chooses to interpret a concept, thought, or feeling. It can be bold, serious, humorous, or realistic. We have developed a myriad of media types to create art. Artists have their individual philosophies and styles. When the skill, techniques, creativity, and experience in a media come together a work of art is created.


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