I grew up a coal miner's daughter in a holler called Robinhood in West Virginia. Forests, trees and roads to nowhere were my sanctuary. My MawMaw was a Healer, and taught me what plant life I could eat, mushrooms that were safe to eat and ones that weren't, and what tree bark could be made into tea to cure pain or other miseries. Tree limbs could be made into whistles, fishing poles, bows and arrows and cars. I could sit on the roots of the extraordinarily huge poplar tree and fish. I would escape out into the woods, knowing that I would have everything I needed - shelter, food, and fresh, safe water to drink. The forests were my playground, my classroom and my life.

Today, when the world is heavy on my shoulders, I can still return to the forest, let go, recharge and heal.

I currently live in West Virginia and am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful state with abundant forests. By trade I am a Nurse Case Manager and Manager over 14 Nurse Case Managers. I have been a nurse for 37 years. It's interesting to note that my nursing degree is an Associate in Arts in Nursing, as University of Charleston considered nursing an art.

Artistic Statement

My process starts with raw wool that is dyed. The wool can be from sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, or rabbits. For sheen, I incorporate sari silk, viscose, bamboo, and silk hankies. The layout starts with a base of pre-felted felt (which gives it softness and allows me to incorporate other wools) that I lay out the background colors. After I have the layout, I use warm water and soap, bubble wrap, and towels and roll the felt many times, in different directions, so that the wool felts together. Once this is dry, I then use felting needles in different sizes and felt details, layers, texture and colors into the work. These processes can take several days to weeks to complete.

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